About us



The raft master

Keeps the raft ride safe and steady. When he picks up his old accordion, every frown will turn upside down.



The raft captain

Tadej is the raft captain or “kormoniš”. Miha says, he is the cutest of the entire crew. What do you think?



The raft jokester

Serves both as the helmsman and the raft comedian. His jokes may be hazardous to your health as they are known to cause abdominal pain.



The raft musician

The raft musician Beno will make sure you’ll have fun, and that there will be singing and dancing.

Anica in Tina

Anica in Tina

Raft ladies

Always wearing a smile and in a good mood, they will make sure you don’t go hungry and thirsty. They will be more than happy to dance with you.



Head of tourism

Makes sure you are up to date with the latest offers the raftsmen are preparing for you.

  • 2000

    First ride

    Started bringing back and keeping the rafting tradition in the Drava valley

  • 2010

    "Na Koroškem je fajn"

    Start of “Na Koroškem je fajn” events (as an introduction to the rafting season)


  • 2013

    New rafts

    We built new rafts, including the largest one – the “taljanšek”

  • 2015

    New rafting programme

    We launched the “Evening culinary experience on the torch-lit raft”


  • 2017

    Finalists of the “Sejalec” selection

    Our “Evening culinary experience on the torch-lit raft” is a finalist in the “Sejalec” competition

  • 2018

    “The Three Valleys Experience” programme

    Presentation of an attractive programme combining tourist service providers from three regions of Savinjska, Šaleška and Koroška.


  • 2019

    Built the new log-raft Hlodovec

  • 2019

    Hosted the opening of the Drava Festival


  • 2019

    New website

    A new and fresh look of Raftsmen of Koroška and an updated website

  • 2020

    20th anniversary

    In the spring of 2020 for our 20th anniversary we will journey all the way to the Danube